Meet Penny

“Anyone can look like a model. You just need someone with the eye and expertise to capture it.” – Penny Claire

Hello!  My name is Penny Claire and I am the owner and photographer of Penny Claire Photography LLC.   I am 29 years old, I am married to my best friend, and we have one spunky and vibrant little girl who just keeps making our lives brighter and brighter everyday.


Though I had always taken an interest in photography it was not until shortly after my daughter’s arrival in late 2012 that I decided to take a big step towards professional photography.  In addition to a lot of self teaching, research, and practice I studied through the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division.  In 2014 I made a big decision to exclusively photograph high school seniors and this decision has led to immediate success and a schedule book that fills up quickly.

My Style

Penny Claire Photography is different from other studios in that it only offers on location photography and this is by choice!  Though artificial light is a wonderful tool I find that natural outdoor light offers a more natural look and I have worked hard to perfect the way I use and direct natural light to achieve my signature look.


My work is highly inspired by fashion and editorial style images.  Seniors who choose Penny Claire Photography over other senior photographers choose me because of my ability to bring out the professional model look in every senior without loosing the real person in the photograph.


Hello Parent,

             Time flew and now your little one is not so little and about to graduate high school!  After this its time for college and eventually wedding bells.   My job is to use portraits to document a  major life milestone before it flashes by and your young adult is heading off to college to begin their own adult life.   With a variety of framed prints, canvases, and albums to offer I know I can provide you with valuable memorabilia that you can proudly display in your home and share with future generations.  

          Right now is a busy time and senior pictures might just seem like an added thing that you have to do for the yearbook. I completely get that! BUT this time will fly by and the next portraits your child is likely to have taken are their wedding portraits!  I urge you not to skip out on making sure you have amazing portraits to frequently look back on for generations.  This is an amazing time for your senior where they are full of youth, energy, and style.  Let me capture it for you!  

xoxo Penny