Ashton Kemble | VIP Senior Model ’17

Ummmm…. so this girl is GORGEOUS!  I mean just a total natural and I am so thrilled by not only all her great ideas that made this senior photo shoot great but just the overall feel she gives in these images!  So excited to share this amazing senior photo  session with you all that we did right here in good ol’ downtown Zanesville, OH!!

Don’t forget to fill out the form for a free info magazine !

Penny Caire Blog 1Penny Caire Blog 2

Penny Caire Blog 3

Penny Caire Blog 4

Penny Caire Blog 5

Penny Caire Blog 6

Penny Caire Blog 7

Penny Caire Blog 8

Penny Caire Blog 9

Go Bishop Rosecrans High School!!!  Penny Caire Blog 10

What did I tell you?!  Gorgeous right!!???  For those of you are are juniors in high school or just about to start senior year get a hold of me!  You can either fill out the magazine form and have a link to my info magazine sent or you can contact me directly at (740) 624-7202 or  Just let me know you are interested and I will walk you through what to do next!  Always obligation free!!!

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