Mackenzie Hudson | VIP MODEL

Meet Mackenzie Hudson of River View High School.  Mackenzie is one of the sweetest and outgoing personalities you’ll find, always looking for new experiences and ways to make the world a brighter place!

I am so excited to have Mackenzie as part of my Exclusive VIP Model team this year and had an absolute BLAST at her first session of the year with me!    PS.  Is it just me or does she look a lot of Blake Lively???

Penny Caire Blog 1Penny Caire Blog 2Penny Caire Blog 3Penny Caire Blog 4Penny Caire Blog 5Penny Caire Blog 6

Do you LOVE this senior session?  Let me know or let Mackenzie know by leaving a comment below!   xoxo Penny



PS. I am now booking class of 2017 sessions!   For info on pricing and sessions themselves click here and simply fill out the form for a free info magazine!


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